Check writing without Quickbooks

First post on my new Blog. Welcome to those who stumble upon this post or my site!

I needed to print directly onto checks recently and didn’t want to rely on Quickbooks or other software that I didn’t want to pay for and frankly don’t need.  In my quest to find an alternative I came across a blog post by Michael Scepaniak who had created a simple HTML file to print standard business checks.  This was both simple and perfect with the exception that editing an HTML file each time can also feel a bit more tedious than it really is.  I decided to simplify things I would whip up a quick GUI which takes the check inputs and churns out the pre-filled HTML file template ready to print.

This is a Windows application.  I considered a webform option using PHP or Perl but that wouldn’t simplify the setup for most.




  1. Download the following EXE to the location of your choice
  2. Run the EXE and you will see the following screen where you enter the check inputs. (Leave the second and/or third inputs blank if you are only print one or two checks)
  3. Press the Create File button to generate an HTML file that you can than open in the browser of your choice and print




6 thoughts on “Check writing without Quickbooks

  1. Hello, the download link for the check writer gui does not work? I was hoping it would solve my check writing issues!! Can i get it somewhere else?

  2. When you hit “create file”, where does it the HTML file go? I can’t find it anywhere in my files to then open and print.

    1. It creates an HTML file in the same folder as the application. The filename will be “Check_dateandtime.html”

    1. When time allows I will try to update the tool to allow changes to the field placement. For now the manual approach would be to open the generated HTML file from the EXE and locate the

      ” section. In that section you will see where you can change the placement. Once you get it set as you see fit you can copy and save this STYLE section and just paste it into future files you generate. I will post an update on my site here when I get a chance to modify the tool.

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